Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was about to go to bed when I came across this big news at the Film School Rejects website. Apparently four of the Film School Rejects staff -- practically the entire top brass at the site --were stopped in Nevada on their way to Comic-Con in San Diego, and they were arrested and thrown in jail!

I thought this story was a pack of lies and totally made up, but apparently this is no joke, these guys really are in jail right now. They are still able to Twitter from jail, apparently, since it doesn't seem to be a maximum-security facility they are in. It sounds like it's pretty lax there. I notice none of these guys are posting at the main website -- it's mainly the "B" team that is filling in. So this must be true, they're really in the clink. For what, who knows?

It looks like these guys may get out soon, from the sounds of it. But man, I dunno whether to laugh or cry over this. This is either funny or sad.

I suppose this puts the pressure on me tomorrow night, as a fellow member of the "B" team (or in my particular case, "Z" team), to really deliver the greatest column in the history of the Reject Report. I'll need to make up for the absence of these guys from the website and be extra-witty and irreverent.

Anyway, I thought I would pass along this update. Heck, I happen to write for Film School Rejects and I don't want anyone to think that I'm rotting in jail, too.

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