Friday, July 31, 2009


You know, it's usually in Hollywood where you find all the beautiful people -- but I notice The Hill is trying to glam up Washington D.C. by showing off all the gorgeous hotties who are working in the capital. And apparently they really had a hard time finding 50 hot-looking people to make up their list this year.

Here's a link to the list. Many are genuinely good-looking, but to show you how easy it was to make this list this year, pictured to the left is one of the so-called "beautiful people" of DC, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. (!) (?)

She really isn't so ugly-looking when you think of it, but let's face it. If Nancy Pelosi, of all people, is hot enough to make a list like this, then Good God!, there really must be a desperate "hottie" shortage in the capital. I certainly wouldn't want to see the 50 Worst-Looking list. Those folks have to be really ugly.

DC is definitely no place for lookers, no matter what The Hill tries to say. Nice try, guys.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well, the big news from the world of TV entertainment the other day was the exit/resignation/firing/whatever-you-call-it of NBC programming head Ben Silverman. A guy by the name of Jeff Gaspin takes his place.

Well, what do you expect? Silverman was leading a losing team, and when a team loses the coach walks the plank. Simply put.

Most of the pundits are saying this was a clear case of a spectacular mis-fit in the executive ranks. The legendarily hard-partying, hard-living Silverman was seen as totally out of place in the executive ranks of that uptight NBC network. While he was a genius producer and show creator (The Office etc.), as a network executive his tenure has been most commonly described as "disasterous."

It reminds me of the Howard Stern movie Private Parts, where Stern plays this wild and wacky deejay, and then he gets to uptight NBC and he finds himself watching his step. That's what happened with this guy.

I have real trouble, though, blaming Silverman entirely for the problems at NBC, because that place has been a train wreck since long before he arrived. And it's questionable Silverman had a hand in any of the more notorious bonehead decisions over there, like the idiot decision to boot Jay Leno from the Tonight Show and replace him with Conan O'Brien. That move looks more and more boneheaded every day, and the decision to put Leno on in the final hour of prime time is another truly defeatist move befitting a network mailing it in. I really doubt Silverman had a hand in that move, either.

What everyone is wondering is: why in God's name is Jeff Zucker still in charge over at the network? He's been in charge throughout the last several years of inept programming decisions, and yet he's the one who continues to get off scot-free the whole time. In fact, he's even been promoted! Life is just not fair.


Well, I missed the finale from last night, but it seems the producers at The Bachelorette sure didn't let me down with more of the usual reality-show-type shenanigans we have come to expect from them.

They brought back one of the idiots Jillian Harris dumped, Reid, to propose to her. And Jillian had to say no to him again, and accepted the big wedding proposal from Ed, a guy who, until recently anyway, was married to his job.

Anyway, Jillian has found her man, and it's another happy reality show ending for the Bachelor/ette series with another couple that will live happily ever after -- until they break up.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, I was in Edmonton the other day to check out what was happening at the Rexall Edmonton Indy at the Rexall Speedway -- aka the municipal airport.

Usually, I go to these things to collect souvenirs and check out the hot-looking girls, but this year I was doing more celebrity-gawking than any other activity. The Indy drivers had a big autograph signing session so I got a good look at the drivers - including Danica Patrick who, I noticed, looked smaller than I expected.

I would have thought Danica's booth would have been absolutely crawling with drooling guys looking for her autograph. The biggest lineup, though, was for Paul Tracy. Who knows why.

Anyway, I didn't bother getting autographs, because I didn't want to waste my freaking time standing in a long lineup. There was also a hot, MILFy-looking babe walking around with people who looked like race bigshots, and I thought she had to be an actress or a movie star. I think it was Ashley Judd.

So, yeah, I had a good time. Actually, this year kind of reminded me of the good days when the CART series still had all the good drivers and teams associated with it in the early part of this decade -- Dario, Helio and everyone else. The glamour has come back to open-wheel racing in North America, to a large degree, and I think that's good.

I was there on the day of Indycar qualifying, which allowed me to save some money on ticket prices (the actual race costs an arm and a leg). I also caught the Firestone Indy Lights race and the NASCAR Canadian Tire event.

I sure hope the Indy keeps going in Edmonton, at least as long as I'm around these parts, anyway. Last year's race drew a good crowd but lost almost six million bucks! There's also talk about closing the municipal airport and directing all the traffic to the international airport south of town. In fact, council actually made that decision not long ago. I think it's a bad idea, but that's another thing that could mess up the race in the future. Oh, and I should mention it was Will Power, a guy most Canadians have never heard of, who won today.

In sadder news, there was a major mishap during Formula 1 qualifying in Hungary the other day, and Felipe Massa was struck by debris and badly injured. He's still in hospital, in an induced coma and in stable condition, with major and multiple injuries to his skull.

It's stories like that that take the fun right out of auto racing. Part of the fun of watching auto races is seeing some big, spectacular crash take place, only for the individuals involved to get out and walk away totally unscathed. Unfortunately, there are too many spectacular crashes where people get killed. It's no fun when you hear these news stories about well-known drivers.

Anyway, the only good news to come out of this is that Massa, at least, hasn't joined the Summer of Death -- a summer that has now claimed the life of the famous Taco Bell chihuahua.


You may have missed this, but apparently the recession is over. (What? You're too busy standing in the unemployment line to notice?)


In the wake of Walter Cronkite's death there was a poll conducted about who the new "most trusted anchor in America" is. And in a shocking surprise result the winner in that poll is -- Jon Stewart. And by a landslide, too.

And you wonder why America is in the mess it's in? It's because more people trust an anchor of a fake newscast that delivers fake news every night!

No wonder there are people down in the USA who believe the moon landings and 9/11 were a hoax, then, if this is what they think.

Some might argue that Stewart's good showing is more due to the fact that cynical Americans trust no one these days, because of the mess on Wall Street and the rest of it. Well, I would have had more respect for the respondents if that's what they actually told the pollsters -- that they don't trust anyone, not even Jon Stewart!

But they didn't. They went and said they put their trust in a joke news anchor.

"More Americans trust Jon Stewart than any other news anchor!" What a joke. The people of the USA ought to be embarrassed.


I think this movie's great showing is more proof America is going to hell. (And since Canada counts in the box office totals, it means Canada is going to hell, too.)

If you want to read what I had to say here it is, but prepare to be disappointed because I mailed it in yet again.

(Oh, and apparently those Film School Rejects guys were released from jail. Good.)

Friday, July 24, 2009


I have to say, this is rapidly turning into the worst summer ever. For one thing, it's flown by at top speed and I have been too busy to enjoy any of it. For another, it sure hasn't felt like summer here in frozen Saskatchewan. It began here late, for one thing. Plus, we've had too many cold days for my liking, and we've had a lot of overcast days and plenty of storms. It seems like every day here it's been one storm after another, and now I can't even enjoy the evenings out of fear of being attacked by hungry mosquitos.

So every day that the sun shines seems to be a day that comes at a premium. Moreover, there isn't an abundance of movie houses where I am, so one of my favorite summer pastimes -- enjoying the movies in a nice air-conditioned theater -- isn't happening enough to my liking.

By the way -- aren't you glad you aren't living in smelly Toronto?! The infamous municipal workers strike there is now 33 days old and counting, and the residents there are totally fed up. Now the union is serving up more tough talk about setting a deadline, and so on. I gotta say, the gong show that is going on in Toronto with the municipal workers makes other municipalities look good by comparison.

The Toronto strike has made this a truly lost summer for everyone still living in that town and ought to be yet another reminder about how good I have it these days on the prairie. But hopefully some good will come out of this strike for Torontonians -- maybe residents will finally realize what a disaster David Miller is as mayor, and maybe they will toss him and a few of his council supporters out in the next election.

UPDATE: Speaking of other places where summer has gone by too fast -- it truly is the Summer of Smoke in Kelowna B.C., with the wildfires there. Life is no good everywhere.


I'm sorry to say that I totally mailed it in with my box office predictions this week, but then again the Hollywood studios also mailed it in this week, too (ie. G-Force). So we're even.

I also have no new news about what's going on with those Film School Rejects guys who are in jail. Honestly, I am as completely out of the loop as the rest of you are on this one.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Heard the news this week out of Global that they are throwing in the towel totally on the E! network stations in Victoria and Red Deer. The Victoria station, CHEK TV, has been on the air for more than 50 years. Same for the Red Deer operation which began as a CBC affiliate.

Of course, the ill-fated E! Canada experiment is ending in a month, and that whole network is being shut down anyway. CHCH, which was the main E! station in Ontario, has found a buyer, and I notice another affiliate in Kelowna will be switching affiliation to Global this fall.

This news comes shortly after the federal regulators the CRTC ordered the cable companies to cough up more money for the local stations and their local news programs. That was enough to save the A-Channel (CTV-owned) station in Windsor from closing, but no such luck for the stations in Victoria and Red Deer. Of course, their parent company Canwest Global is in far worse shape and possibly going bankrupt.

The thing that gets me is that you don't hear about any local station closures in the United States. And their economic situation is far worse than ours -- and they spend more money for more home-grown TV shows! So what gives here in Canada? Are advertisers here all a bunch of total cheapskates -- more so than in the States? I just don't get it.

All in all, this is a totally depressing situation not just for the people at these TV stations, but for TV fans in general. It just seems as if TV is going straight to heck and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop it, and we have no say at all in what happens next. All we know for sure is these TV outlets will be expecting us to be shelling out more and more money for stations that continually produce less and less programming that is worth watching. I don't like this situation one bit.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was about to go to bed when I came across this big news at the Film School Rejects website. Apparently four of the Film School Rejects staff -- practically the entire top brass at the site --were stopped in Nevada on their way to Comic-Con in San Diego, and they were arrested and thrown in jail!

I thought this story was a pack of lies and totally made up, but apparently this is no joke, these guys really are in jail right now. They are still able to Twitter from jail, apparently, since it doesn't seem to be a maximum-security facility they are in. It sounds like it's pretty lax there. I notice none of these guys are posting at the main website -- it's mainly the "B" team that is filling in. So this must be true, they're really in the clink. For what, who knows?

It looks like these guys may get out soon, from the sounds of it. But man, I dunno whether to laugh or cry over this. This is either funny or sad.

I suppose this puts the pressure on me tomorrow night, as a fellow member of the "B" team (or in my particular case, "Z" team), to really deliver the greatest column in the history of the Reject Report. I'll need to make up for the absence of these guys from the website and be extra-witty and irreverent.

Anyway, I thought I would pass along this update. Heck, I happen to write for Film School Rejects and I don't want anyone to think that I'm rotting in jail, too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Well, it's summer, which means there's nothing of value for me to say here at the blog. Besides, I've been mighty busy this week anyway, so I really have had nothing to say.

Fortunately, I have some free nights this week. Usually, this would allow me to catch up on my TV viewing so that I might get some inspiration to finally write that TV spec I keep threatening to write for Hollywood.

Except -- tomorrow night Barack Obama plans to take up more TV real estate yet again by having another one of his prime time addresses. A press conference on health care.

Give up already, Mr. Obama. I've had it up to here with Obama going on TV all the time, talking about this and that and the next thing and wiping out important TV shows in the process. How many times has this guy been on TV? It seems like every freaking month! I remember when he went on TV before an important World Series game, too. I know he's the President of the United States, but he should know better than to pre-empt baseball games. As if that wasn't enough, last week he hogged the spotlight again by making his way into the All-Star Game, throwing the first pitch!

And of course, people who are American Idol fans remember the night he pre-empted and delayed that show this season. Nobody remembers what for, but they all remember that it happened.

He's on TV more often than my favorite shows are -- and that's not even including all the clips of him shown on the news! I know he wants to get his message out, but I really do think he's wasting too much of his, and our, TV time on issues that can be best dealt with by dealing directly with legislators. You don't need TV for health care reform! What is going on TV going to do to solve the health care crisis? Nothing! Everyone knows already the health care system is totally messed up in the USA. The people are sold, already -- they just want something done that won't cost them an arm and a leg. So why is Obama wasting his time going on TV when he should be negotiating and cutting deals with Congress? Is going on TV a pressure tactic? If that's the case consider me totally unimpressed. Using the TV viewing public as a pawn in the health care debate to put pressure on legislators is no way to go.

Mr. President, quit wasting your time -- and ours -- by trying to be a TV star, and get back to work, darnit!

That's it! This has been a paid political announcement.

Monday, July 20, 2009



Bruno, on the other hand, is not. My rant here.

Friday, July 17, 2009


The man who reported so much history is now part of history. Story and obits at CBS News, here.

Below, this evening's CBS Evening News reporting on the death of Walter Cronkite. (Courtesy CBS News.)

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Big hint -- they weren't showing Baywatch. This show was about the only thing you could see on TV on every channel.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened at midnight early on Wednesday, and in my Reject Report column I had predicted that box office records might be in jeopardy. Boy, was I ever right. $22.2 million in midnight sales alone: a new record, shattering The Dark Knight!

$58 million on opening day, though, falls short of the Wednesday Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen record set earlier this year. I was hoping that record might fall, too, because that Transformers movie really was garbage.

More on Harry Potter's box office performance later this weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


On the heels of that story I linked to some time ago about how Shannon Tweed got stripped of the "day" in her honor in Ottawa, I notice this story about how she's now visiting the city. Apparently the fans don't care about that gong show of a city council; they are still showering their affection on their home-town girl.

(Although I do notice some people from council, like the acting mayor, tried to pay tribute to her. And Shannon is apparently cool about the proclamation falling through; I guess she realizes some people on council at least tried to honor her. Classy lady.)

I notice Gene Simmons was there, too, and they got to tour Parliament! Wow, it must have really been a big day in the capital for the locals there, because they never get any big celebrities there. People must have been tripping over themselves trying to get autographs.

I have a question: when is Saskatoon going to try and give Shannon a day in honor of her, too? Saskatoon's also one of her "home towns." If they do give her a day in her honor, maybe she and Gene will visit the city, too. They had better bring security, though, because they'll be mobbed for sure. No one famous ever goes to Saskatoon -- the citizens would be in a state of shock at seeing any famous people from TV.

Put me on record as saying Saskatoon should declare Shannon Tweed Day in her honor. Heck, it would one-up Ottawa and do wonders for publicity.

That's two girl posts in a row!!! Holy crow, Hot-Looking Women Week at The Cairns Blog is off to a great start.

UPDATE: Here's Earl McRae's take on the visit and I notice there's quite a bit of mention of Saskatoon in the piece and about how Shannon grew up and went to high school there on the west side of town. They even mentioned the old Commodore Restaurant. I guess Gene Simmons was also in town for a big concert he had.

Like I say -- get with it Saskatoon, do what Ottawa failed to do, and give Shannon Tweed a day in her honor. She deserves it.


In the aftermath of that Rachelle Leah post from Saturday I have decided to officially declare this to be Hot-Looking Women Week at the blog. Be ready for a full week of posts about girls -- all because this is a slow summer news week.

And I notice that it is not only a slow news day where I am, but everywhere else as well. Since it's summer, the frivolous news stories have started. I notice that the New York Daily News has a photo feature called Who's Got Short Shorts?!

Who wears short shorts? The answer: every actress and model that can get away with it. Right, Holly Madison?

(Note: Holly is also able to get away with wearing nothing.)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


That's right -- it was the day that Disco died!!!

DISCO DEMOLITION NIGHT in Chicago -- the infamous Bill Veeck promotion gone wrong. Clearly the most memorable baseball promotion in history.

And here's an interview from five years ago by Keith Olbermann, with anti-Disco deejay Steve Dahl.

Enjoy the All-Star break, folks.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Speaking of other sports - the UFC 100 goes tonight at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

And all this is is yet another excuse to put up a picture of a girl on this blog. This time it's sexy UFC All Access host, Octagon Girl and former Playboy covergirl Rachelle Leah. I think she's great.

(Courtesy: STUFF.) Enjoy, guys.


Welcome to yet another News from Nowhere with more live continuing coverage of the death of Michael Jackson. Aren't you fed up yet with Michael Jackson coverage?! I know I am, and a lot of these hard-news types of people are fed up too. They look at all this Jackson coverage on the news and they rant and rave that the networks shouldn't be covering it, that other events are more important -- like Barack Obama going to Europe.

But I think this Jackson stuff is exactly the kind of thing the media should cover. Why? Because it's news and it's what everyone is talking about. Here's a link to Fox News's coverage of the day many of us won't forget -- the day Michael Jackson died.

Heck, even us hardened news folks were following it. On Tuesday I was at a big news conference that involved the Premier of Saskatchewan, a really big deal. But as soon as it was over what did the photographer and I do? That's right -- we rushed back to the newsroom to catch the big Michael Jackson memorial.

What was laughable was that we in the newsroom were openly speculating that maybe, just maybe, Michael Jackson had faked his own death! And that the whole funeral was a big publicity stunt for his London concert -- that they would open his coffin, he would step out of there, and he'd announce: "I'm back!!!"

Well, that didn't happen, but now another controversy has been raging on about where Jackson's body is. You see the screaming headlines everywhere: "where's the body?!!" All in all, I gotta say that even though Michael Jackson has died, famed Jackson chronlicler Diane Dimond has nothing to worry about. The stuff coming out about Jackson right now will keep the gravy train going for her for the next two decades, at least.

Speaking of Jackson, he's on the cover of all the magazines this week, including People, Time, the National Enquirer, and all the rest of them. The newsstands really are all Jackson all the time. Which leads me to thinking...

Where's Farrah?!
Shouldn't Farrah Fawcett be worth at least a few more covers than she is getting? She died the same day, dammit, she deserves the same treatment! I think she shared half a cover with Jackson on In Touch magazine, but that's about it. All in all, Farrah has really gotten ignored. Which I guess is good, because she can at least rest in peace -- unlike Jackson.

But she deserves her own tribute issue or something, from somebody. Farrah was definitely an icon.

On to other news.

On the heels of the big Sarah Palin idiotic decision to resign as governor so she can cash in, here's a piece from David Frum basically saying that Mitt Romney represents the only hope left for the GOP -- if he can only get his own act together.

Do you know that famed former Playboy Playmate of the Year (and former Ottawa resident) Shannon Tweed had a day in her honor proclaimed in Ottawa? And then some bluenoses on council took it back, and said she didn't deserve it and such? What nonsense. I think Shannon kind of represents the "local girl makes good" story, where she leaves and goes on to fame and fortune. Sort of the American dream -- or at least the Canadian one. If I were in Ottawa, I'd be proud of her -- what's she's been doing in the movies is no worse than what the local politicians are doing in town, screwing things up (ie. the feds, Mayor Larry, etcetera.) Anyway, even though the uptights on council took back her honor, a local radio station actually gave her the honor back, so there's still people in Ottawa who love her.

In other news, her significant other Gene Simmons is in smelly garbage-strike-ridden Toronto as grand marshal for the Honda Indy. All I gotta say is I'm glad to see a race finally back there.
And I notice the rumors are swirling about Roy Halladay possibly getting traded from the Blue Jays. but that wasn't the top story on TSN the other day. And neither is the Honda Indy! The top story on Sportscentre yesterday was ... wait for it... John Tavares of the Islanders!!!

Just because he shows up at camp, he's a top story?? TSN, quit covering the NHL so obsessively. This is not hockey season; it's July, dammit, it's baseball and football season! In fact, football is definitely a bigger story these days here in the West and a bigger story where I live, but they insist on covering the NHL. And the Islanders even have training camp this fall in Saskatoon, but folks in town only cared about one thing this weekend: the Riders. You media folks in Toronto, quit talking about the NHL. There are other sports.

Oh and Bruno rolled out this weekend. My box office rant is up about it.

That's it!!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009


Just a reminder to myself to tune in to the big Michael Jackson funeral that is going to go at Staples Center, Los Angeles. Don't miss it -- it promises to be the Super Bowl of funerals.

I'm not kidding. Check out CNN for coverage, since, well, they own this story.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


This time it's former Tennessee Titan Steve McNair, big NFL star. Shot and killed.

Friday, July 03, 2009


Here is the latest roundup of a week of news.

Well, in the wake of my last Reject Report box office rant (119 comments and counting) comes my latest rant about the July 4th weekend offerings.

Also, the CFL is back this week! Football season is on again in Canada and I am happy about that.

Al Franken (left) won his court case this week so the funnyman is certified as the new senator from Minnesota.

Farrah's funeral was Tuesday. Also, I had heard they were going to charge $25 bucks a pop at Michael Jackson's funeral next Tuesday at Staples Center, but I guess that isn't going to happen as people are realizing that's not such a great idea. Anyway, his funeral is turning into this big spectacle.

In the meantime, they're still trying to figure out whether it was drugs that caused Jackson's death. They also showed off video from the big rehearsal for his London concert. That was from last Tuesday.

In other funeral news, Canada's former governor general Romeo LeBlanc has been laid to rest.

I think that's it.


Big news out of Alaska - Sarah Palin has had enough and is quitting as governor.

A big story -- still lost in the shuffle of the Michael Jackson death coverage on CNN.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Well, I had the day off because of Canada Day and as a result I watched all the wall-to-wall TV coverage of Michael Jackson's will.

For those of you who want to see the will, here it is: thank you very much ET.

In other news, the Month of Death (June) has turned into the Summer of Death, as Karl Malden of movie, Streets of San Francisco, and American Express fame, has kicked it.