Sunday, June 07, 2009


In the wake of my Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine/Girl Bombs post I have decided to officially declare this week to be Schlock Week at THE CAIRNS BLOG. Stay tuned for more YouTube videos of amusing trailers and other junk I love.

Now onto the schlock on TV. I have already ranted about Canadian TV, which of course has just had its upfronts. But quite frankly the state of American TV is no better. A week from now is the final digital conversion when all the analog signals are shut down, and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. It just seems like another link to what TV used to be is ending.

You may have not had as many stations to watch in the old days, but it sure seemed like TV was better back then. Now, it seems as if American TV is bent on showing more and more reality schlock and other trash, and less of the series TV that most of us normal people want to see.

For example -- I notice the big Kendra TV show is about to roll out, and this sounds just terrible. It's all about Kendra of Girls Next Door fame living life out in the real world, learning to cook and clean and do boring things. Now, why the heck would anyone in their right mind want to watch that?! Don't you see enough of that sort of thing live in your own home?! I guess people want to see Kendra be a train wreck, then. Or maybe people really don't want to see it, but they are getting it anyway from the E! network people. And you wonder why Internet usage is up.

Another blight to modern TV is a silly show called The Cougar, which is littering the TV Land network. TV Land, as you know, is supposed to be devoted to those old classic TV shows that we used to see on TV. You know, like Gunsmoke and Andy Griffith. Well, instead of seeing what goes on in Mayberry, you're seeing a hot cougar running after a bunch of young studs. On TV Land.

People can't believe TV Land is stooping this low, but apparently the net is going for younger viewers. I guess most of the people who like Gunsmoke are dead anyway.

And let's not get into this Jon and Kate Plus 8 nonsense. That marriage is a mess, and the show is falling apart. Richard Huff at the Daily News is saying yank it already.

Meanwhile, network TV continues to lurch, what with reality TV stars Spencer and Heidi quitting I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here, which was on five nights a week this week. Later this summer we are in for America's Got Talent, which promises to be yet another freak show. And next fall we are in for Jay Leno to be littering our screens five nights a week, taking away valuable TV real estate from prime time drams, comedies, and other efforts.

I guess what I am really mad about is that prime time has turned into reality time on TV these days. I mean, I can understand why we get this junk programming on cable TV -- they can't afford it. But come on, this is supposed to be network TV, man. Give us some decent programming to watch.

I don't think I have much more to say about the state of TV in the States. It just seems to me as if we are witnessing the decline and fall of TV everywhere. Everyone wants to give you cheap junk, it seems, and who loses? The viewers. We always get the shaft in the end.

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