Sunday, June 28, 2009


You know, there has been far more coverage about the Michael Jackson death than of Farrah Fawcett, but to be honest I'm more broken up about Farrah's death. I've been watching some of the TV reports and realizing all over again what a hot babe she was.

I guess it kind of hits home because Farrah was not only in so much stuff on TV with Charlie's Angels and the rest of it -- she was in these commercials as well. I've been looking at TV Squad which re-ran some of the old commercials Farrah appeared in -- some really silly stuff.

It's like you can't believe the cute girl in the ad is no longer with us, because the ads seem like they were yesterday.

I really like the Mercury Cougar ad-- Farrah driving a Cougar and then slipping into the ocean in a swimsuit.

You know, this is really cheesy, embarrassing stuff -- not like those serious Eighties roles she took on that got her all the accolades. But it's stuff like this, along with her sexy Nineties Playboy pictorials, that loopy Letterman interview, her reality show, and of course Charlie's Angels, that are the reasons we all love Farrah. You never got the sense that she was some ultra-serious diva who was above it all.

Check out another silly clip from the Dating Game, yet another piece of cheesy pop culture that Farrah was part of. I'd date a woman like that.

RIP, Farrah.

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