Monday, June 29, 2009


I am still digging my way out from under the hate mail I received for my mad Transformers 2 box office report rant, in which I was accused by readers of all kinds of terrible things (like insulting middle America, and so on).

For the record, I did not specifically say that the people who went to Transformers 2 were idiots. Instead, I was implying that the filmmakers were idiots, and that people were ignoring what everyone was saying about the movie and giving these jokers a free pass. They're giving Michael Bay a free ride for doing exactly the same kind of moronic things they accuse other filmmakers of doing in other movies (ie. the nuke-the-fridge moment in last year's Indiana Jones movie as one obvious example). And they don't reward those other movies for it, yet they made a huge hit out of this one.

Oh well, anyway, my rant is up to 111 comments and counting. Heck, even I'm impressed -- I thought maybe it would get 20 or 30. Usually I'm lucky if I get any comments at all from the bored readers of my column.

Incidentally, if you thought mine was a venomous rant, just you wait and see what Roger Ebert had to say. My God, the popcorn must have been REALLY bad in the theater he was in, because he just ripped this flick to shreds.

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