Thursday, June 25, 2009


I am watching the live continuing coverage of the possible death of Michael Jackson right now on TV -- and I am tuning in to CNN and everyone else. I'm listening to Fox News on the radio and Geraldo is on there, basically saying he was rushed to hospital in "full cardiac arrest" -- which basically means he's dead, but there is no word that he has been successfully resuscitated. The King of Pop is in really, really bad shape. In factTMZ is reporting already that he's dead, but nothing is confirmed.

Now the word is that Michael Jackson is in a coma.

Wow, what a day for death in Hollywood. The grim reaper is having way too fun a week in the southland.

UPDATE: Reports from the LA Times now that Jackson is dead.

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KID LAZY said...

I just cant belive he died..what a loss! he was the greatest performer of all times and he was only 50!