Sunday, June 28, 2009


Aren't you fed up yet with all the Michael Jackson coverage on TV and everywhere else? Well, get used to it for at least another month, because the investigations are all in full swing.

Speaking of which --- aren't you glad you are not Michael Jackson's doctor right now?

Everyone is after him -- Jackson's family, the police, Larry King,, everybody -- and this is all bad news.

First of all, thanks to the publicity over his famous client's death, people will know not to go to him for their medical care. But worse for him, he is likely to be sued right into bankruptcy, investigated for malpractice, probably stripped of his medical license and possibly even convicted and thrown in jail.

That's the price you pay if you have a famous client. When he's alive, you can brag to your friends about being his doctor. But when things go south, boy, you want to find a secure, undisclosed location to hide out in.

That's my continuing coverage of the death of Michael Jackson for tonight. Still to come: more Farrah Fawcett stuff.

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