Sunday, June 07, 2009


As I said earlier, this is Schlock Week here at the blog, as I am basically putting up some old YouTube clips of old stuff to amuse myself, since, well, there's nothing on TV (see post below).

Anyway, I'm putting up some Jerry Lewis stuff since, well, he appeared in some real schlocky stuff himself. Here's something he appeared in on TV years ago: The Big Mouth.

You know what? This is exactly the type of movie a guy like Adam Sandler would appear in. If Adam Sandler were living in the Sixties he'd be in The Big Mouth. No doubt some clod in Hollywood will try and stick him in the remake.

And I have a big mouth. I'm probably in deep trouble with the French for associating Jerry Lewis with schlock.

I leave you with another trailer, for The Bellboy. And for The Geisha Boy and Rock a bye Baby. Have a nice Sunday evening.

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