Tuesday, June 30, 2009


You know the sure sign that summer has arrived?

The fact that the junk is back on network TV. America's Got Talent is back, and that makes any viewer want to get out of town.

Apparently, they're looking for someone who can be the Susan Boyle of this show. I think they should just plain forget it, because the novelty has been lost. Besides, the show is too far gone as a freak show in my mind.

And of course all the other reality junk is still going strong. The Bachelorette is still looking for a husband, Jon and Kate are also looking for new spouses, and television has turned into one big fat gong show. And let's not even get started about that show with those idiotic celebrities stuck in the jungle.

There really is nowhere to turn. It's either the reality junk and talent shows, or live continuing coverage of Michael Jackson on Larry King and the other cable news shows -- that is, if you aren't into sports.

Thank God for major league baseball, that's all I have to say. And thank God some of the cable nets are putting on new shows like True Blood. If it weren't for cable, believe me, television would be dead on its feet.

Oh, in other TV news I notice CHCH in Hamilton was sold today.

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