Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well, it's been interesting times for auto racing fans as the Le Mans race ran last week, won by Peugeot which knocked off the Audi team.

At least Le Mans is less of a gong show than Formula 1. F1 has turned into a disgrace with the feuding over a possible breakaway series, all because Bernie Ecclestone and Max Mosley want to put a cap on the spending associated with the sport. So the teams have rebelled, and a breakaway series is being proposed involving, well, pretty much all the teams in F1 except for Williams and Force India.

Haven't all these folks in F1 learned the lessons from the infamous CART-IRL split?? Civil war in motor racing has happened before and done nothing for the sport. I sure hope this is all posturing by the teams. Maybe the F1 honchos will back down amid the news that the TV rightsholders the BBC might back out of their F1 deal if the teams split.

Actually, you know, a rival series might be a good thing after all-- they might put a race in Montreal. (Another one of Bernie's stupid, freaking decisions -- pulling out of North America. Way to grow the sport, buddy. Is it any wonder why the teams are rebelling, given the morons in charge of the sport??)

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