Monday, June 01, 2009


Well, this is a historic evening in American TV because The Tonight Show is getting taken over by this dumbbell, Conan O'Brien.

Like I say, I think he'll be better than Jay Leno, who had an utterly low-key departure from his show last Friday night. All in all, I thought his final show represented a dignified exit by a guy who, of course, will be back this fall for more punishment. It's too bad the rest of the series couldn't have been like that classy last show. What a waste of 17 years.

As for Conan, I'll be watching what happens closely. He could be a hit, but who knows -- he could be off the air in no time flat. Seems that the Conan critics are coming out of the woodwork now, including apparently lots of women who argue that Conan's type of humor doesn't appeal to the female of the species.

I gotta say, they have a point. I don't think you'll see too many female viewers impressed with Triumph the Insult Comic Dog or, heaven help us, The Masturbating Bear. Yecch.

Incidentally, Will Ferrell is the first guest tonight for Conan, and I gotta say -- if he shows up in that awful Irish outfit again I guarantee you that plenty of guys will be joining the ladies in changing the station.

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