Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, the hockey game is over and now I can concentrate full time on ranting about the movies.

Saw a post in the Huffington Post by Dennis Palumbo bemoaning the summer movie season, which is usually littered with popcorn movies aimed at urban teens and other sub-literate juveniles -- stuff like Wolverine and Transformers 2 (see right). At least, that is his opinion. He says that literate adults aren't showing up for movies and that they should start showing up, otherwise we may not see movies made that are aimed at the literate half of society.

He's right! Seems to me that movies in the Sixties and Seventies seemed aimed at a more adult sensibility. A lot of these movies rolling out in the summer just seem aimed at people who can't get a grip over the fact that their adolescence is over. There's just not enough spy movies or flicks with women in bikinis in them for my taste.

We'll see what happens later this week with Angels and Demons, that Ron Howard flick starring Tom Hanks that is the big sequel to the big monster hit Da Vinci Code. It's going to have a more adult audience than most of these flicks that are being churned out this summer, but whether it will have a big audience remains to be seen. I heard that the online sales this week are still lower than Star Trek! Now, that is sad.

I gotta remind myself to write a box office column tomorrow and try and come up with some sort of prediction for how Angels and Demons might do. I thought initially it would do well, but now I dunno. It seems to me most adults want nothing to do with the movies, especially since this isn't Oscar season.

Generally, it may well be that we have entered a new Dark Ages as far as cinema for adults is concerned. And yeah, I agree with Palumbo that it wouldn't kill us if some more adults put their money where their mouth is and went to see quality movies like Michael Clayton or Zodiac or something like that. Otherwise, don't count on seeing any movies getting made for adult audiences.

In other news, the Cannes Film Festival finally opened this week and the normally money-filled event is really stripped-down of all glamour this year, which is probably a good thing when you think about it. The Vanity Fair party was cancelled and yacht rentals are down, so are advance bookings, and so on. Life is generally bad -- but not all bad.

Seems the big deal at the festival so far is 3-D, as the Pixar flick Up! opened the festival. Also comes word the famous sexy Seventies classic Emmanuelle could get a reboot, in 3-D to boot!

Anyway, we'll see whether or not there are any big deals going down at this festival, which is more about buying and selling than anything else. Plus they give out a Palme d'Or, which is nice, I guess, but really, it's mainly about the deals. And of course the big question is whether there will be any deals this year at all, in this terrible market. Here's a link to the Cannes Film Festival website. That is it for right now.

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