Thursday, May 07, 2009


I have very little to say right now about the bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes, but suffice it to say I think the problems began when they named the franchise after this born loser (right) instead of that bird he chases all the time:

And as an aside -- why do folks in southern Ontario even want this team to relocate there? The Coyotes are the worst-run franchise in the history of sports -- going back to their losing days as the Winnipeg Jets. That franchise hasn't won a single division title in their whole history in the NHL and their best playoff was a trip to the second round!

These guys make the Toronto Maple Leafs look good in comparison. The only thing the Coyotes have got going for them is the fact that Wayne Gretzky is with the club, but that's it.

If southern Ontario sports fans wants to throw their money away to support this group of losers, fine, but don't expect to see good hockey.

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Rod said...

Gretzky? This clown couldn't coach my girls team
Biggest loser as a coach we've ever had.