Monday, May 18, 2009


Well, this is the big week of the TV network "upfronts" in the United States, where we learn about what shows get picked up and which ones get the boot.

Seems all the hoping and praying paid off for Chuck fans, because that show got picked up for 13 more this fall on NBC. Also, the folks at FOX have set their schedule, and brought back Dollhouse in spite of really bad ratings, and terminated Sarah Connor Chronicles. As well, CBS has brought back another bubble show, Cold Case (which probably spells the end for Without a Trace). Meanwhile, in a surprising move Samantha Who? got booted over at ABC.

Apparently ABC has plans to announce its new lineup tomorrow and they include another show with that old fossil Kelsey Grammer, and another one with that old fossil Patricia Heaton. And people actually wonder why young people aren't bothering with television anymore?! This is why!

By the way, thank you very much Entertainment Tonight for not giving us any news about the big renewals on your show. The only upfronts news they bothered to report was about that Samantha Who? cancellation. No news about Chuck, nothing. Instead, they concentrated on that NBC Farrah Fawcett cancer freak show/documentary from Friday night that brought in 9 million viewers, and tonight's latest Dancing With the Stars show on ABC.

Believe you me, if it were not for the CAIRNS BLOG you wouldn't know what was happening to your favorite shows. Certainly ET won't tell you! They're too busy covering junk! Who needs them. I suppose what I am really saying is that I gave up on ET a long time ago.

If you really want to find out what's going on in TV land, you're better off looking at Michael Ausiello's Twitter posts than watching "entertainment news" shows on TV.

I promise to find time to rant and rave some more about TV this week, and maybe I'll post my thoughts on the other season finales airing this week (24, Survivor, etcetera). I should also provide some more coverage about the Cannes Film Festival, but not tonight. I still need to rest up my feet so I can be raring to go again tomorrow. Besides, the season finale of How I Met Your Mother is on, so I'm tuning in to that.

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