Sunday, May 31, 2009


I really ought to do a "US TV is a Mess" post in addition to my Canadian rant, because it sure seems as if American TV is taking a real turn for the worse with some of the lousy shows on it -- like I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which rolls out on NBC tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have to search the Internet to find any of my favorite shows -- you know, the ones that I used to see regularly on television when these stations used to show them. The only reason I am watching so much TV on the Internet is because these shows can only be found online and not on TV where they belong -- not even during graveyard shift reruns. I gotta say, most people would rather watch their TV on TV. People keep on ranting how everyone will soon be watching all their TV shows on a computer, and that's a load of bull. There was a survey of young people and they revealed that they still prefer to watch their TV shows on -- surprise, surprise -- television. So it would be nice if television would show us some television that we can actually watch! On television!

Me, I went back online to dig out some old episodes of The Flintstones, a show that used to run on my local CTV station faithfully every day at 12 noon for something like 25 years. It wasn't beamed in from the network, either -- it was one of these things the local station bought on their own and showed, in between the local morning talk show and the 12:30 news/farm report. If this was the kind of stuff CTV was talking about with their "save local TV" campaign -- saving local reruns of The Flintstones -- I'd probably be more sympathetic.

Unfortunately, The Flintstones are long gone from the schedule at what is now "CTV Saskatoon". My only regret is that I never bothered to tape a single episode of The Flintstones from my local TV station the whole time they ran the show, so I don't have any historical video record of what it was like with all the commercials and so on. They used to run lots of ads for McDonald's and things like that -- movie ads for Star Wars, if I recall. I guess I assumed they would show The Flintstones forever.

Fortunately, we do have a historical record of what it was like to watch The Flintstones when they ran in prime time on ABC! Here's a clip I found of what it would have been like to watch The Flintstones on ABC back in the Sixties. Now, that was TV.

Heck, I'm just in a Sixties mood tonight.

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