Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, I can't let the big story of this upfronts week slip by. "Kimmel trashes his own network."

Actually, I don't see what the fuss is about. Everyone knows the ABC lineup is crap; everyone knows that 90 percent of these fall shows usually are cancelled. Who's kidding who, here? Jimmy Kimmel is only speaking the truth.

Actually, I'm glad Kimmel, a "man's man", is speaking up. ABC is notorious for serving up the most female-skewed lineup of shows ever, with nothing for guys to watch. There isn't even a whole lot for girls to watch, either, beyond the medical shows. For guys, once LOST finally kicks the bucket there will literally be nothing left. If any network deserves a dig from anyone, it's ABC.

So no wonder Kimmel went nuts and said what he said. Instead of people threatening to fire him over his funny remarks, he should be commended! Heck, whenever Jon Stewart says something bad about TV, he gets commended for it and the shows he criticizes get yanked off the air (Crossfire)!

Kimmel deserves at least the same respect. But then again, Stewart went after shows on other networks -- not his own one. Smart man.


Oh, and Kris won Idol tonight, but I didn't watch the show all season, and the ratings for the final performances apparently were a record low. I get the feeling people are really starting to get tired of American Idol. You wonder if one of these days we'll wake up on this side of the world to an American version of The X Factor on TV instead?

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