Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Welcome to another edition of 'Why is This Man Smiling?' Today, we dissect Donald Trump's decision to throw his backing behind the embattled Carrie Prejean, the Anti-Gay-Marriage Miss California, in spite of the fact that she has been a train wreck lately -- still opening not only her big fat mouth, but her blouse, too.

Among other things, Miss California has been accused of apparently violating her Miss California pageant contract by going around spouting off on gay marriage for public service advertisements. As well, she has gotten into hot water for some topless poses from her pre-pageant days that have made their way onto the Internet. The problem isn't so much that she was photographed topless. No, the problem is she didn't tell the pageant about it beforehand. So Miss California wound up in a heap of trouble...

That is, until the other day, when the Donald politely bailed her out and said she can keep her title. And now the s#!t has hit the fan as a fed-up Shanna Moakler, former Miss USA, who is pro-gay marriage and sick of Carrie Prejean's antics, has quit as director of the Miss California Pageant in disgust.

I suspect Moakler was really more disgusted with Prejean's contractual violations than with these stupid topless photos. After all, Moakler has been photographed topless herself.

Anyway, this is all pretty freaking stupid. Shouldn't it be Moakler who is staying -- and shouldn't it be Prejean who is the one leaving?

Anyway, Carrie Prejean remains Miss California in spite of herself, and you know what this all means, of course: if the reigning Miss USA from North Carolina wins the upcoming Miss Universe pageant, Prejean takes over as Miss USA. I'll tell you this, this is one year in particular when I will be cheering for Miss USA to win the Miss Universe pageant. If that Carolina girl wins it, and Carrie takes over as Miss USA, boy, you can bet all heck will break loose and that is a sight I definitely want to see.

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