Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I have totally given up on the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows for producing any sort of romance or any redeeming social values, either. This humiliating show has just lurched from one new low to another, with people getting dumped and two-timed to no end.

The only thing this show is successful at is producing reality TV stars. The two-timed Melissa has gone on to a good reality TV career on Dancing With the Stars. Now the famous Jillian Harris, dumped by the very same clod who dumped Melissa on The Bachelor, is now the Bachelorette and her first show was last night.

As that link notes, they did quite a successful job "babing" Jillian up and making her look like the most exciting woman ever to guys on the first show -- showing her in bikinis and so on, and driving around in cars with her hair getting blown around. Uh, yeah, I'd date a woman like that.

Unfortunately, I'm not dating a woman like that. Instead of dating me, Jillian was running around with 25 idiots on last night's show.

Wait -- check that; make it 30 idiots, because the producers threw five additional dudes in at the last minute to shake things up and get the others jealous and angry. It never fails.

Of course Jillian is going in thinking she'll find the man of her dreams. "I am going to have my fairy tale ending!" she said.

I kind of quit watching this first show, though, after the first thirty minutes. My problem with the Bachelorette show is still the usual one that has applied throughout this wretched series: These boring guys in their spiffy suits are all...all...

Well, what the heck else am I supposed to call them? Real guys?! In those GQ-style monkey suits?! Like freaking hell!!! If there are any real guys in that group I'm willing to bet Jillian sends them packing empty-handed. It never fails with this series.

If you're a real guy who is into "real guy" types of things, one look at a show like this one will depress the hell out of you. How are you supposed to measure up to this group of guys on the show? If these are the kind of suitors women really want, some of us guys might as well totally forget about ever getting married.

Call me cynical, but as much as I want to believe in finding true love and all that, this Bachelorette TV show version of it just ain't working for me.

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Infertile "hoping to be fertile" Naomi said...

I hope Jillian finds someone. It's an addicting show.