Saturday, May 02, 2009


Yes, indeed, it's the long-awaited coverage of the 2009 Liberal leadership convention here at the CAIRNS BLOG.

But, uh, ahem, I'm sorry to inform you the big convention in Vancouver is already over.

Michael Ignatieff gave his big speech earlier today, and of course I was nowhere near a computer to liveblog about it or rant and rave. Instead, I spent a very heavy day covering the news including a big local infrastucture announcement on a multipurpose facility. So it was a big news day where I was, but I am sort of tired and zonked out, and of course I missed the whole freaking convention.

In fact, I don't think anyone bothered to watch this convention on TV because this thing was such a big coronation for Ignatieff, who was the only leadership candidate. I wonder if anyone knew it was even on. More people cared about the hockey game, I am sure.

Apparently not much of interest happened, but I gather that the Liberals in Vancouver sort of left room to return to the green shift carbon tax that lost them the last election, and they also decided to get rid of delegated leadership conventions like the exciting one that took place in 2006. That one, of course, elected Stephane Dion in four ballots, and of course we all know how big a success his leadership turned out to be. So no wonder they are getting rid of delegated conventions, because it's obvious the delegates can't be trusted to make a good decision.

Of course, Jean Chretien was busy blaming the Tories for a big deficit in his speech last night, but considering that the Liberals propped the last Conservative budget up and had threatened to topple them from power if they didn't partake in some wild stimulus spending last fall, I think those comments were a wee bit outrageous. These Liberals are every bit as at fault for this deficit as the Conservatives are because of their votes and their antics in Parliament, and since they're part-way responsible for it they should quit grouching about it.

There's nothing more to rant about. To say this was the most boring leadership convention in the history of Canada would be an understatement, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

what are the chances Michael Ignatieff is the next prime minister ?
he looks serious and stuff.

susan said...

Why bother writing anything at all if you weren't there? All you're doing is regurgitating the negative cliches that have been circulating among the less-original members of the media for days.