Monday, April 27, 2009


(Pictured: A swine.)

I'm very worried about this swine flu business going on in Mexico and everywhere else. The concern I have is that everyone knows that Mexico is a popular destination getaway for, well, just about everyone in frozen Canada. So all these Canadians will be coming back with the swine flu from Mexico, thanks to the travel agents who keep booking Canadians onto these round trips there. I hate to point the finger at Mexico, but you know, that's where the bulk of this is taking place.

Now the stories are out about all these countries looking at slamming the door on Canada, issuing travel advisories and so on, because they are afraid of these swine flu cases that have hit Canada. I'm not the least bit worried about the swine flu in Canada -- I'm more worried about Mexico and the US where there are far more cases.

Of course you know, this is just what the economy needed -- a pandemic. This is really a good way to seal everyone's borders and absolutely destroy what is left of the world economy.

You think the man upstairs has it in for us, this year? This must be the start of that Great Tribulation these preachers keep on warning us about on Sunday mornings on TV. Needless to say, I am hardly amused.

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AIG Canada said...

Well, it sure looks pretty scary but I think media is making it bigger than it is. The flu is only serious in Mexico, all the other countries around the globe had mild cases only. Plus it's just a matter of time until the situation is handled properly in Mexico too. It is impossible to have a huge pandemic virus threatening the world with todays medicine, I'm pretty confident in it.