Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, the final numbers came in for Fast and Furious, and while the total was a little lower than what they were projecting on Sunday morning, it's still $70.9 million which means they've officially set the spring record for opening weekend, beating 300.

And not everyone is happy about it. Entertainment Weekly's Mark Harris suggests the dumbed-down economy means dumbed-down movies and TV! He's claiming these studios don't even need to try anymore.

I hate to break it to ya, bud, but these studios haven't been trying for a long time. They have been mailing it in and getting rewarded for it long before this current recession. This is nothing new. I gotta say, though, a $70.9 million weekend for a junk sequel movie like Fast and Furious isn't going to encourage a change in tune any time soon. This just encourages these studios not to try, and just serve up "escapist" schlock.

Why should these studios try, anyway, if people will just watch pirated copies of movies like Wolverine before they even reach the theaters?! By the way -- never advocate piracy in print or review pirated movies, or else what happened to Roger Friedman could happen to you. Just don't do it -- don't even try.

Definitely not trying anymore is NBC, which openly touts its defeatist approach to programming by putting on Jay Leno every night in prime time, starting later this year. They say this is the future of TV!

Well, if it is the future of TV then the future looks grim -- we might as well all shell out for movie tickets if this is what to expect on our screens at home. Of course, NBC is now threatening to yank the NBC affiliation from that Boston station that won't go along with their inane idea for a prime time Jay Leno show. I just wish other NBC affiliates had the guts to do what WHDH is doing, because this Leno show is just a terrible idea for prime time. It is just an excuse to dump a lot of scripted programming and accelerate the ruin of prime time television.

In further bad karma, NBC could be on the brink of giving the boot to My Name is Earl.

In other news, we really are living in golden times as far as the 3-D craze is concerned, what with Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D and so forth at theaters. But the gravy train could be over soon if this silly idea to have theaters pay for the 3-D glasses goes through.

If the theaters have to pay for the glasses, who ultimately gets stuck with the bill? That's right -- you, the chump customer. And more often than not the chump customer will tell the theater to go to hell. No wonder the theater owners are mad.

Noticed that Richard Roeper just celebrated 20 years as a newspaper columnist. Dunno how much longer that will last with the Chicago Sun-Times in bankruptcy.

Speaking of bankruptcy, the CanWest empire faces its creditors tomorrow. They could get another extension from the banks -- or they may not!!

Man, newspapers are in a terrible state in this part of the world. Nobody in North America seems to want to read any more, period.

I suppose I could rant about this year's lousy blowout-plagued NCAA tournament that just ended, or about Donald Trump's pathetic drunk-tank of a Celebrity Apprentice show, or about Wrestlemania or the start of the baseball season. Or I could talk about Farrah Fawcett's health problems, or that earthquake in Italy, or the municipal election in Illinois tomorrow. I could, but I don't feel like it tonight.

Isn't it great that I have a Monday off for a change? Too bad it was wasted on a blowout basketball game. That's all.

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