Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well, thanks to a slow news day at work I can actually post something to this blog before I head off to my evening duties. All I gotta say is thank you very much, Miss California (right), for giving me something to rant about.

Her lightning-rod anti-gay-marriage comments during the question and answer phase of the Miss USA pageant have everyone excited today. She made those comments in response to a loaded question on the subject from known gay-marriage supporter Perez Hilton, who was judging at the pageant.

This controversy ranks up there with Tara Conner's girl-gone-wild antics from a couple of years ago. Now Miss California's going on TV and saying how sorry she feels for Perez Hilton.

But really, everyone ought to calm down about Miss California. She LOST, people. The judges made the right decision, for a change, in not giving her the Miss USA title.

But no one is calming down. The gay marriage supporters are now busy calling Miss California a bigot for her answer -- keep in mind, she's from the state that passed Proposition 8 that overturned gay marriages there, so people are all in an uproar over that to begin with. Meanwhile, I'm reading all these conservative websites that are saying "way to go, Miss California, for speaking your mind!! Woo hoo!!!"

And here I am, supposedly a conservative, looking at these other conservatives and going "these are my people?" Well, maybe I'm not such a big conservative, then, if this is the way they are reacting to this Miss USA nonsense. I can't say I'm worked up about this gay marriage issue at all. It just seems a bit mean-spirited to go around being against it, in my view.

As for Miss California and her answer -- I personally think she would have been wiser to give a response that was less politically charged and which took the views of all the folks on both sides of the issue into account. And yeah, maybe Perez Hilton was a jerk and a troublemaker to pose the question, but it's still better to find out how a Miss USA candidate answers a question like that during a pageant instead of after it. Had Miss California won, you just know some idiot would have posed this same question to her on some TV show somewhere, and she would have given this same response and gotten in a heap of trouble.

So thank you Perez Hilton, you saved the Miss USA organization a lot of grief.

Although -- if the new Miss USA (North Carolina) goes on and wins the Miss Universe pageant, guess who inherits the Miss USA title?

You guessed it -- our blonde friend from California who put her foot so firmly in her mouth on pageant night. I don't know what's worse -- putting your foot in your mouth, or tripping up over both feet on the pageant runway (as has been the case for Miss USA at the last two Miss Universe pageants).

The Miss USA pageant. Still a joke, as usual.


Anonymous said...

Has everyone gone crazy. All of a sudden giving your honest opinion when asked is wrong. Perez Hilton is disgusting and this is a disgrace!

crtoca said...

I guess it would have been better to ask her about her views on the war in Iraq, or whether waterboarding is torture, or if she supports abortion? I thought politically charged questions were inappropriate for Miss America? Questions on religion and politics reveal strongly held views, which someone will strongly oppose, so it's an unfair, lose-lose situation. If they don't, then the person is a shallow thinker or great at parsing an answer so there are multiple interpretations - I guess Bill Clinton would have been a perfect Miss America.