Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Important lads mag news!! The UK edition of MAXIM has finally kicked the bucket after 14 years.

The UK edition really wasn't responsible for starting the lads mag craze -- Loaded and FHM have to take their spots -- but MAXIM sure was responsible for starting it in the US with their spinoff American edition. MAXIM ended up being far more successful internationally than in their home country, oddly enough. The US edition of MAXIM was eventually joined by US editions of FHM and Stuff, and the lads mags craze was in full swing.

I remember when MAXIM first came out -- I first saw it on newsstands when I was still living in London, Ontario. It seemed like a breath of fresh air for guys in the mid-Nineties, showing off all these hotties from Hollywood. But then these rags got kind of lame in a hurry by showing the same models all the time -- and not enough of them, either.

Now the lads mags are all in deep trouble right around the world. The British edition were relying on these Page 3 models in the last several months but finally went down the drain when guys realized they could check out Keeley Hazell, Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh, Sophie Howard and all their favourite glamour models everywhere else, particularly in the weekly lad rags Nuts and Zoo. And of course, on Page 3 itself. You don't need MAXIM for that.

That's what's really to blame here -- MAXIM wilted in the face of tough competition, and now the deep recession has finished the UK edition off. They were down to something like 46,000 copies sold, which is TERRIBLE! Just embarrassingly bad numbers. I guess a lot of the guys who used to read this stupid rag grew up and got wives.

This means now that the Brits who still want their MAXIM fix will have to get it from the US edition, which will soon be on the UK newsstands. The US version is even more gutless and spineless about showing skin than the British edition ever was, so you can bet the few remaining MAXIM readers left in the UK will be complaining in no time.

All in all, this is definitely the end of the whole "beer and babes" magazine era over there -- and a good thing too, because the MAXIM lifestyle is a good way to get fat and die of a heart attack. By the way, the MAXIM UK website will live on, but I have no idea why. If they are shutting down the magazine, you can bet the website won't be up to much.

In other news, I also found out another British men's style mag Arena is also toast, ceasing publication with their March 2009 issue after 22 years. Man, that's more bad news. Life is bad in the magazine business, period.

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