Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Just wanted to do another News from Nowhere post where we update you all on the latest news.

First, we continue our live continuing coverage of the pandemic. As expected Canada is starting to get hit hard as all these people come back from Mexico in ill health. The cases are now up to 19.

Meanwhile the WHO has raised the pandemic level for swine flu to 5. One more, and it'll be a full-blown pandemic. Then, we'll have to hide in our basements.

Incidentally, you know those summer movie predictions I made? They could all go up in smoke if there is a pandemic. Already, Mexico has cancelled the premiere of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and next week they are cancelling Star Trek. So this disease is definitely wreaking havoc.

In TV news: did you see last weekend's Celebrity Apprentice, where Melissa Rivers was fired and stormed right out of there in disgust, and then Joan Rivers quit the show as soon as Melissa was fired? What an effing, crazy show. Bill Brioux thought it was great, but I thought the whole episode was kind of predictable and shades of something Vince McMahon would do. In fact, I wonder if Vince McMahon will ever be invited to be a contestant on this ridiculous show.

(On the positive side, my favorite woman Brande Roderick survived for another week! Woo hoo! You go, girl.)

Did you watch American Idol? I haven't. Instead, I was once again watching President Barack Obama give yet another boring speech on TV. I guess it was his news conference on the 100th day of his Presidency.

All I gotta say is: give up already Obama. Quit wasting our time with TV appearances and with botched photo ops involving planes flying over New York City. Instead, go back to work trying to solve the whole world's problems. Believe me, this world is a mess right now.

As for TV in this country, the CRTC hearings continue to be a big gong show with CTV continuing to cry poor and with people starting to blast the CRTC members for not knowing what they are doing.

And Jay Leno missed a Tonight Show taping last week because he was felled by a virus. Gee, I wonder which one.

I guess there's really no other TV news worth reporting other than the fact that a lot of shows are waiting to find out whether they will be coming back next year -- including Chuck on NBC.

In hockey news the first round is over and these are sad times for hockey fans in New York City as both playoff teams from the metro area lost on the same night (New York 2-1 losers to Washington, New Jersey blowing a 3-2 lead in the last minute and a half against Carolina to lose Game Seven) and are eliminated. Meanwhile, Calgary joined Montreal on the Canadian scrapheap on Monday night after getting beat by Chicago, which means most of Canada outside Vancouver has no further rooting interest in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

(May I note that Winnipeg NHL fans have had no rooting interest at all in the playoffs since 1996 -- or for that matter, in the regular season. But I digress.)

I guess the other big news is that San Jose lost, but San Jose always loses in the playoffs.

Uh, I think that's it for now.

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