Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, last night was the last Corner Gas show, and because I was at city council, I missed it.

Tomorrow night is the first night of the Stanley Cup. But unfortunately, I'm planning to be at a big NDP leadership event, covering that. So I'm going to miss that, too. Last year, I missed the deciding game of the Stanley Cup because of a politician's speech that I had to cover.

I was one of the very few people in that hotel ballroom going insane over missing a hockey game, which says a lot about the no-lives type of folks who attend political events.

It really would be nice if my gig was covering the Stanley Cup, but it isn't. Anyway, these political folks really need to plan ahead and consider the calendar when they schedule big political functions. You aren't going to get much of a message out if your supporters would rather watch TV.

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Anonymous said...

I miss "Corner Gas", too. I think it was the best sitcome in years. At least two decades. I think I'll order Season 5 on DVD because that's where many of my favorite episodes occur.

I miss "Corner Gas" so much I feel like I need a support group.