Sunday, April 12, 2009


I make no apologies for being truly sick of that boring Hannah Montana, but apparently the boring people of America aren't and they made this flick Number One. And this week's Reject Report column/rant bemoans all the schlock that has come out of the Disney studio in recent years. And please don't tell me the recent output of Disney is so great, either, because it isn't going to rival Pinocchio or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. If it wasn't for all the great movies from the PIXAR unit has produced, Disney would be totally lost at sea -- artistically, anyway.

I guess I am just fed up with a lot of the junk Americans seem to like in movies and TV. I'm also not an American Idol fan, either -- I'm not watching that show at all this season. And it seems to me the American Idol crowd is the same group of folks that have made hits out of Hannah Montana and other stuff. Anyway forgive me, but I am just sick of the same old boring material winning in the ratings and at the box office. It just encourages studios to just make more of the same old tired junk with the same people in them all the time.

That's it!!!

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