Thursday, April 23, 2009


The dominoes are starting to fall in the Stanley Cup playoffs and people in Canada are getting a little too excited for their own good. The other day, Vancouver finished off a four-game sweep of the Blues and I have to say to the folks there: calm down, already, people. IT'S ONLY THE FIRST ROUND. Don't go crazy over winning in the first round, folks. (Keep in mind we are talking about Vancouver Canucks fans here. These silly fans were idiotic enough to have a big riot in 1994 --- not after their team won the Cup, but after they LOST.)

Meanwhile the Montreal Canadiens have been swept away by their hated rivals the Boston Bruins, and losing always stinks, but it is even worse for Habs fans this year because of who it was they lost to. This piece in the Gazette tells the story of their brutal Game 4.

That's it for now -- back to watching the playoffs on TV

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