Sunday, April 19, 2009


I plan to be very busy again on Monday, Tuesday and yes, even Wednesday night. So be ready for what is likely to be my last post for, oh, at least three days. What's really sad is that I'll probably be missing some good NHL playoff action on the TV during that time, too. Such is life.

Crank: High Voltage got low-voltage numbers at the box office, losing to 17 Again.

Here's a link to an Advertising Age article suggesting the summer box office race may be decided already for both Wolverine and Star Trek.

Next, Ken Levine says you should start scripting those sitcom specs, because the multi-camera sitcom is DEFINITELY not dead.

Finally, the SAG union quietly made a deal with the producers. Woo hoo! No strike!

That is it for now, and for tomorrow, and the next day. Back, uh, whenever.

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