Sunday, April 19, 2009


Thought I would rant about the broadcast world tonight since I cannot bring myself to do my taxes tonight.

Well, no news yet about Canwest Global and what is going to happen with that whole company. We keep on hearing rumors about people betting against the company and calling the stock junk. They have been getting extension after extension and I wonder whether or not these extensions are going to run out on Canwest.

Meanwhile, Canwest property CHCH in Hamilton continues to be a big sinking ship, with the rumors still flying that the station will end up being closed down completely. Word is that anchor Michelle Dube has up and quit after just four months -- to go to CFTO to fill a maternity leave position there. So that's how CFTO can get around their hiring freeze. (At the same time the Global station in Toronto has apparently hired a couple of people, so go figure that one out. )

Also, I notice the Barrie MP Patrick Brown continues his fight to save A-Channel Barrie, which isn't officially on the hit list yet but could still see its local newscast cancelled as a cost-saving measure. Brown is wanting to get fees-for-carriage brought in, and I just can't go along with it. Broadcast TV has always been free for the masses and needs to continue to be that way. If the government has to buy more ads to prop these stations up, I'm fine with that, as long as my cable rates don't go up.

The push is on now to save your endangered TV shows from cancellation and TV Squad has a list of the shows that could be facing the big chop. Apparently the word is out that Sarah Connor Chrionicles got the boot.

Finally, I want to congratulate the CBC for running a Godzilla movie late at night in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Now that is what I call good taste in TV. Way to go, CBC.

That's it for now.

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