Thursday, April 02, 2009


Well, I just heard that there is trouble afoot in TV land over the big switch of Jay Leno to prime time after his Tonight Show gig is over. Channel 7 in Boston, the NBC affiliate there, has given Leno's new prime time show the boot and will run NEWS at 10 pm there instead!

Question is whether or not we will see similar nonsense from other NBC affiliates, who are by and large royally ticked off by the move of Leno to prime time to begin with. They see this move as a disaster for their 11pm newscasts. They're right!

NBC says it is threatening to dump the Boston station as an affiliate but really, what can they do? No one wants to be an NBC affiliate these days, what with all their losing programming. Must See TV, my foot!

Incidentally, this poses a problem for yours truly because my cable system gets its NBC signal from Boston. So what good is this going to do for me, getting no Leno from the NBC station? This is already shaping up to being a debacle, both for NBC and for viewers.

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