Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a reminder to everyone, and particularly myself, to tune in to the Miss USA pageant tonight on NBC. You can follow some of the coverage here at

Actually, it promises to be a big double-bill of Donald Trump tonight, as this is followed up by The Celebrity Apprentice.

Since this is also a big night for beautiful women on NBC, I'm really worried Trump (or more likely NBC) might use the occasion to boot Brande Roderick from the Apprentice show. They were basically trashing Brande and setting her up for a big firing on last week's show, so I am worried that any day now Ms. Roderick will hear the words "you're fired" from the Donald.

Of course, there's also the big "Joan Rivers may walk if Melissa Rivers gets the boot" storyline, too. I dunno. This show really does look like a farce with no credibility to it at all, but at least they are being honest and up front about it. Not like in the last days of the non-Celebrity Apprentice show, when all these wannabe actors would appear on it and pretend to be serious about careers in business.

Anyway, check that out if you get fed up watching the NHL playoffs on the other channel.

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