Monday, March 09, 2009


News from Nowhere is back -- I am in Saskatoon again today, still covering the Curt Dagenais murder trial along with every other media organization from around here, and waiting for the jury deliberations to start. Final arguments were today, the charge to the jury starts tomorrow, and the deliberations are due to begin Wednesday.

So I'm looking forward to being here this week, following this thing.

I gotta say, the weather here is western Canada makes me wonder why I ever left sunny Toronto. It was minus-30 here today - and keep in mind, this is March. The weather around here is supposed to be warmer in March! Remind me, again-- why did I leave Ontario?

(Oh, now I remember -- more money and better living than out East. Right!!)

Since I've got some time on my hands in the evenings in the next day or so, I'm thinking I might be able to go see Watchmen finally, soon. My summary of the box office results is now up.

In other news, watched my favorite CNBC hottie Erin Burnett on The Celebrity Apprentice the other night. What the heck she is doing on that piece of junk television show, I don't know. I guess she needed the work in this bad economy.

Scott Hamilton got a well-deserved boot, but Donald Trump really does need to go on a firing spree with that bunch of guys he has. What a freak show that guys' team is (Tom Green, Dennis Rodman, Clint Black, etcetera.)

As for the babes' team -- that gorgeous Brande Roderick woman keeps on looking better and better. She's got poise and polish, and she's smart, too. I found it amusing that in the big business challenge on that show where they had to come up with a new comic book character to promote the product, all these geeky fanboy guys were just drooling over her. Just drooling over getting to meet a Playboy Playmate of the Year. If Trump were smart, Brande would win this whole thing -- she could fit right in with the Trump empire alongside Ivanka and all those gorgeous Miss Universe contestants.

My coverage of the trial and the Watchmen box office has pretty much kept me away from covering the absolutely sinking stock market, which saw the Dow take a big dive below 7,000 last week. This is what happened in the US markets today.

That's about it for now.

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