Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just an update on what went down today at the big murder trial I am covering. Heard the end of the instructions by the judge to the jury today. Deliberations now under way in the double-murder trial of Curt Dagenais. I sat there in the media room with other reporters, many of them hoping the case would be over soon so we could cover all the other important stuff we have to do.

Went back into the courtroom later in the afternoon because the jury had a few questions and wanted some testimony played back.

As it stands, that's not even finished yet, so there's no verdict today. Back tomorrow, 9 AM. Went on the computer and sent off my story on the day this evening.

Instead of wasting my time sitting around tomorrow doing nothing, I plan to spend my down time in the court house trying to figure out what to say in my Reject Report prediction column, which I plan to finish after the day's proceedings are over. And that is my plan for you movie hounds tomorrow.

In other news, it seems ex-Edmonton Oilers owner Peter Pocklington is in legal trouble and appeared today in -- you guessed it-- court.

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