Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, tonight is the big night for Jimmy Fallon as he takes over from Conan O'Brien in the Late Night host's chair.

From the sounds of it, expectations couldn't be lower. Everyone seems to expect the Fallon show to be terrible and for Fallon to be terrible. Maybe this view is based on Fallon's terrible movie career ever since departing Saturday Night Live -- no one has forgiven him yet for that God-awful piece of junk Taxi, with Queen Latifah.

Or maybe it's because late-night TV has a long line of dead bodies associated with it. Some of the more notorious flop shows include: Thicke of the Night, The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, The Pat Sajak Show, The Chevy Chase Show, Into the Night with Rick Dees -- and who can forget The Magic Hour?!

Even semi-reputable guys like Dennis Miller and Jon Stewart couldn't make it work when they had their own late night shows -- they were yanked off the air in humiliating fashion. I have said it before and will say it again -- Fallon has a tough chore ahead of him trying to keep viewers from falling fast asleep.

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