Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well, it's here -- Formula 1 is back with Lewis Hamilton looking to defend his hard-won title from last year's thrilling finish. The first race of the season is in Australia, in another hour.

As far as North American fans are concerned, though, this promises to be a big "who cares" type of season, with bigshot F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone having scheduled no races anywhere in North America.

Well, how do you expect race fans in the USA and Canada to react?! Ecclestone seems determined to disenfranchise North American race fans and confine F1 to race courses in countries run by tinpot dictators and oil tycoons. You ain't going to win too many fans by sending your sport to Asia and the Middle East.

As for Canada, the IRL and NASCAR are rapidly becoming the races of choice for auto fans -- thanks largely to Montreal getting shafted by the F1 folks. The IRL and NASCAR events here are bound to get big crowds. Sure, auto racing has its troubles on this side of the world, but fans still insist on showing up for the big races.

In fact, there's been some exciting NASCAR news here in frozen Saskatchewan. The NASCAR Canadian Tire series is coming to Saskatoon in July with a nighttime race just one week after their Indy weekend event in Edmonton. I know, it's only the Canadian Tire series -- but it's a decent race event, dammit, and we haven't had too many of those in Saskatchewan in a long time. Familiar names like Alex Tagliani and Andrew Ranger are expected to be there for the race. Good stuff.

You know, when I moved back to the prairies from Toronto I was worried I'd miss out on all the auto racing I'd usually enjoy during the summer. I needn't have worried, because there's lots of good stuff happening around here -- racing and otherwise.

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