Thursday, March 26, 2009


Just as I suspected -- the CBC is getting rid of a lot of unpopular shows and the big cutbacks can be blamed directly on the ad revenue shortfall.

As usual, though, the CBC is trying to blame the government for the cuts. Why am I not surprised?

Maybe they should blame the public for not watching their programs. If people were watching the CBC, there might be more ads -- even in this terrible economy!

It's no surprise that the CBC isn't even going near their most popular property -- the Ron and Don show, Coach's Corner. That's because the CBC knows that if they cut that, there will be a riot across Canada and probably moves to slash the CBC's funding.

People are also having a cow over the fact that the CBC won't be carrying the Toronto Blue Jays this season, but that's old news, anyway. Everyone knew the CBC wouldn't be carrying the Blue Jays. I don't think real die-hard sports fans will miss the skiing or the world athletics, either.


In other news, people are in a lather over the cuts happening at other TV stations in smaller communities. The CRTC is being grilled about it in Ottawa right now. CRTC chief Konrad von Finkenstein told these MPs that fees for carriage weren't the answer (way to go, Konrad!), but some MPs disagreed and said the status quo wasn't an option either.

All I gotta say is these MPs are a big help to the average consumer. If fees-for-carriage gets approved, Canadians will get stuck paying for channels that traditionally have been free and which ought to continue to be free. In fact, I kind of have problems with the whole notion of having to pay to watch television to begin with -- particularly when you have to pay for the same crap on multiple channels on cable. But I don't have too many over-the-air channels out here where I am, so I'm stuck shelling out for cable every month.

The politicians need to stay out of the television business and let TV work out its own problems. For one thing, it would help these Canadian channels tremendously if they did more than simply rebroadcast American shows all the time. Some original programming might go a long way as far as branding is concerned. As for the CRTC, they really ought to grab some backbone and force these conglomerates to live up to the public-service commitments of their licenses. This whole business of conglomerates threatening to cancel local news as a way to impose fees-for-carriage on cable customers just cannot stand.

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