Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, last night was a very big night for Hugh Hefner's exes on reality TV shows.

Sunday night was the big teary-eyed final episode of The Girls Next Door -- at least, the last one with our favorite women Holly, Bridget and Kendra. And living in frozen Canada, of course I did not get to see it. Instead, Star!TV, which carries the show in Canada, stuck us with a Girls Next Door rerun instead. Well, that sucks.

Anyway, it sounds as if it wasn't much of a show and that it was all staged and phony, but I would've liked to have drawn my own conclusions about it myself rather than rely on second-hand opinions about what the show was like.

Meanwhile, the usual piece of schlock from Donald Trump, The Celebrity Apprentice, had its first episode of the new season on NBC. Ironically, this show featured another one of Hef's ex-girlfriends --beautiful and bouncy Brande Roderick, former Playmate of the Year (pictured). Of course, she was Holly before there ever was a Holly.

As I have mentioned before, I kind of have a big crush on Brande Roderick. She's so adorable and really seems like the girl next door, but more importantly she seems like a fun individual. Plus, I have a soft spot for former Baywatch babes. So I was cheering for her on last night's show.

Fortunately, she survived and gets to live until next week. I hope she lasts a long time on that show -- she's easy on the eyes. The best thing about Brande is the fact that she has plenty of experience appearing on bad reality TV shows (ie. The Surreal Life), so she should be able to survive this group of idiots.

First to get the gate was that joker Andrew Dice Clay, and I was really happy to see him go. The boardroom was a real farce. Dice goes in and quits, then Trump calls him a loser, Dice retracts his resignation, and then Trump fires him anyway-- but has the gall to say at least Dice isn't a loser because at least he didn't quit.

Yeah, Mr. Trump, but he was the first guy fired! Any way you slice it, Dice ends up a loser. Here's an idea I have for Dice: why not simply refuse to appear on the show? He would have been better off not cluttering up our TV airwaves. The heck with Andrew Dice Clay.

Coming up next: my brief Jimmy Fallon rant.

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