Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I missed what went down on last night's Bachelor finale of the season, and all I gotta say is I wish I tuned in, because this is yet another new low.

I thought it was bad enough when the Bachelorette rejected two guys, and the Bachelor rejected two girls. But this is the first time I recall this idiot Bachelor picking one woman and then immediately dumping her for the runner-up.

(Although I guess it's happened before -- but not right immediately after the show. I think one dude dumped his lady for one of the runnerups several weeks later. But not like this!)

This really was a farce, with Jason Mesnick proposing to Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Melissa (right) in the finale --- only to dump her for brokenhearted Molly not too long after on the After the Final Rose show. And Molly has the nerve to take this two-timer back!!

God! No wonder the fans are booing him and calling him a jackass. In fact, Trista, the famous original Bachelorette, says she is shocked by what happened on the show. Personally, though, I'm not surprised. I've seen it all from this train wreck of a show already -- this is just one more wreck to go along with all the rest of them.

And once again, a Bachelor makes the males of the species look like complete and utter idiots. Jason, you are a loser.

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coffee said...

The Bachelor demonstrates the fact that women can be blinded by a sense of competition, even to the point that they don't realize what a tool they are competing for