Friday, March 27, 2009


I'm back again with another column on the sorry state of men's magazines in North America, and a sorry state it is right now. Of course, the whole magazine industry is in total turmoil with so many titles going out of business.

The latest title to go under is Blender, a music publication which just so happens to be owned by Alpha Media, the same people who own MAXIM. In fact it was MAXIM that started BLENDER up in the first place. In related news, Joe Levy, who was Blender's editor in chief, is now editor in chief at MAXIM replacing James Kaminsky, who has unceremoniously walked the plank.

I gotta say, based on this month's issue MAXIM is definitely a sinking ship. The issue only has 98 freaking pages! The size of the thing is pretty alarming: it's practically no bigger than a comic book! It's hard to believe this used to be a publication that was thick with ads and features and full of life. All in all, it's sad times over at MAXIM.

At least they had the right idea with the April cover girl. She's gorgeous Malin Akerman, star of Watchmen, and definitely worthy of a spot on the cover. Unfortunately, her movie is sinking like a stone at the box office at the moment, in spite of some pretty good Malin Akerman nudity in the movie. I guess the fans have seen enough of her naked.

Over at the Mansion, things are barely better at PLAYBOY, which is right now in the middle of management turmoil of its own. The issues have been pretty thin, lately, too. And they can't count on The Girls Next Door TV show for any free publicity anymore, because Holly, Bridget and Kendra are all finished with the show and finished with PLAYBOY.

What's more, their big issues with their biggest celebrity pictorials, featuring Carol Alt, Carmen Electra, the Girls Next Door and Aubrey O'Day, are over and done with and they've run out of big celebrities to put in the magazine. As a result, April's issue marks a new low point for PLAYBOY as funnyman Seth Rogen is on the cover. Think about it. Seth Rogen. On the cover of PLAYBOY. No wonder sales are down.

At least the woman Seth shares the cover with is completely smoking-hot. Hope Dworaczyk is her name, and I gotta say this sweet Texan is absolutely gorgeous.

Best of all, of course -- she's naked. Miss Dworaczyk is Playmate of the Month for April, and her centerfold is not to be missed. Hope is definitely going to take a prime spot at or near the top of my list of all-time favorite Playmates.

Hope Dworaczyk actually has a cool Canadian connection. She's the female host on Inside Fashion, a show that airs on Citytv right here in frozen Canada!! I think this is great news. This means Hope is sure to be here in Canada to sign autographs for her fans.

Anyway, the folks at Inside Fashion did a video where they covered Hope's Playmate shoot, and you can see that story here. Have fun, guys.

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