Saturday, February 14, 2009


Today is Valentine's Day, a big day for the lovebirds to be lovey-dovey with each other. For those of us single guys looking for girlfriends, though, it's a day to plot strategy.

Here's the way I see it. I haven't been close to getting married -- largely for job or career related reasons. I've been so busy either focusing on getting ahead or trying to pick myself up from the odd career setbacks to even contemplate looking for a potential wife.

Moreover, I've had the misfortune lately of living in a place where there are just no girls. As a province, Saskatchewan is notorious for being a terrible place for single people. All the best prospects here have either married a long time ago or, worse yet, are in long term relationships. And those long term relationships might as well be marriages as far as I'm concerned, because those folks are also off the market. You don't have too many people playing the field here, which makes this a lousy place to meet other single people. Most single people I know have left the province in disgust, because Saskatchewan has nothing to offer them. That in turn makes life even more miserable for the few single people left behind here, because as a result there's no one left here worth dating.

If you are a single person you are far better off in these big cities outside Saskatchewan. Not only are there more single women, but they're generally more attractive and you get to go to far cooler venues for dates. The bars there tend to be more upscale. Plus, there are these speed-dating things you can do. There are hardly any of those types of things going on here where I am, not even in the bigger centres.

I think the first order of business for me is to get back to a big city as soon as possible. That would take care of the relationship problems as far as I'm concerned. There's no shortage of women in these big cities. Moving to Calgary or Vancouver might be the answer to my problems -- but Vancouver has hardly any jobs. As for Calgary, I get the sense the situation is similar there to Saskatchewan -- a lot of women there are hitched up already. There are also more guys than girls in Alberta, which means a lot of fierce competition for fewer women.

Maybe what I ought to consider is moving to Brazil. The women there are gorgeous, and there are more women than men in Brazil, so as a guy the odds would be in my favor. Plus, it's a LOT warmer there. (You could also get shot or mugged there. Rats, there's always a downside.)

Anyway, Valentine's Day is always a fun day to plot strategy for single people-- gives you something to do. (Pictured: hitched Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.)

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