Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Was reading Nikki Finke's rant about the Oscar telecast the other day. I got the impression reading it that Nikki had her mind made up before even watching the show and was just looking for things to criticize about it. She was going on calling it the worst opening ever, and the "gayest" Oscars ever, and so on.

But you have to remember -- this was never a show aimed at Nikki Finke or critics, or even at the ordinary folks watching at home. No, it was aimed at the only people who count when it comes to deciding whether the Oscar night is a success or failure-- these uptights in the audience!!

This group of fools in that theater were giving Hugh Jackman standing ovations!! That's more than what Jon Stewart got, and more than what a lot of other hosts got. These folks would host the show, tell good jokes that would have gotten laughs in any other setting, but face a chilly reception from people who are in no laughing mood and would then get trashed by the critics because of it. Yet Jackson seemed to be a hit with this crowd. I'm going, what the hey?! I mean, Hugh Jackman didn't embarrass himself, but it's not as if he is such an improvement over the other hosts they've had. He could have cut down on the singing, for one thing.

As for the show -- I dunno. I got the distinct impression that the people in the hall had a much, much better time watching the Jackman-hosted Oscars than people at home did. Me, I thought the show was all right, but the musical numbers just about killed it for me. It wasn't that they were poorly done; it was because they were musical numbers!

These guys even had the gall to lie to us at the start of the show as to whether or not there would be musical numbers. Here's Hugh Jackman going on stage announcing there will be no extravagant musical numbers on the show. And what happens? You guessed it-- he's doing a MUSICAL NUMBER, belting it out with that renowned recording artist Anne Hathaway!!!

I am sure there were people at home, mainly guys, who were joining me in switching to the NASCAR race on the other channel because of all these musical numbers. This was not my idea of entertainment. Maybe if the E Street Band were performing, people at home might have been entertained. But Bruce didn't even get nominated.

And you wonder why guys prefer watching the Super Bowl.

The Oscars this year had nothing to do with the folks at home or the people who hand their hard-earned money over for movie tickets. Heck -- these guys didn't nominate The Dark Knight for Best Picture. That said it all right there.

Finally -- the final outrage was "the usual list of dead people," which was the usual debacle. Here, I WILL link to Finke for her usual rant about all the omissions.

Maybe instead of running a reel of dead folks, the Academy should just simply observe a moment of silence for everyone who died instead. Then people might not be so offended.

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