Thursday, February 05, 2009

HAVING A BLOG IS LIKE HAVING A CAT have to feed it a lot.

Unfortunately, feeding the blog has been pretty tough lately. Last week I was at a coroner's inquest, and this week I was covering a municipalities convention. In between, I was covering countless meetings and banquets. Plus, on top of that I've had my regular Web movie column to tend to. I am a busy man.

Then, after you get done all that stuff, you just want to lie back and watch a mindless TV show like Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders:Making the Team on CMT. That's what I did tonight. So I ended up not blogging.

I think I should have time to do some more posts in the next few days-- football is over, after all. But what is there to talk about? There really is nothing uplifting to talk about right at the moment. I keep on reading these websites in the States from the likes of Matt Drudge and everyone else, and it is all doom and gloom. People down there are worried there's going to be a depression. Well, there will be if enough people talk themselves into one! And you have people taking bailout money and then wasting it on big bonuses on themselves, while they keep on firing people. How's the economy going to improve with that going on?

Maybe I'm just sad because I see the things I like the most in this world falling into big financial trouble -- like MAD Magazine, for example. That just isn't right, folks. Plus you have these newspapers and TV stations getting in trouble, and it's all just downright depressing.

I guess I am just ranting right now and looking for something intelligent to write on this blog. Anyway, stay tuned for more junk the next few days over the weekend when I'll have a little more time on my hands. Maybe I'll get back to talking about more movie stuff.

Among other things, there's a new Pink Panther movie coming out this weekend and I want to rant about that, and how that series has gone right down the drain. So I plan to talk about that.

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