Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Well, this sounds good. On the heels of his final Late Night show, it was just announced this week that Conan O'Brien is taking on Andy Richter to be the Announcer/Sidekick on the new Tonight Show. In LA.

I think this is actually good news. It gives this new Tonight incarnation a fighting chance, now, and it will be more of an attraction for people after Jay Leno's lead-in effort is done. Richter helped liven up Conan's Late Night show, and I always thought something was missing with him gone, trying to make it on his own. It's kind of too bad his sitcoms were such flops -- the shows weren't that bad.

Anyway, he's back with Conan again. It's good to have this pair back together again -- for the first time!

Of course I still plan to watch Letterman, but still, it's a smart move.

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