Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well, tomorrow we hope to have quite a bit of Academy Awards coverage here at the CAIRNS BLOG, in between some other assignments I have planned for the weekend. I have my box office results column to write, of course, and additional reporting assignments to tend to this weekend. (Today is Hockey Day in Canada, so I am celebrating that.) But I hope to have my annual Guys Guide to the Oscars feature up in time for the red carpet, plus links to some live streams and my usual sporadic live blogging.

Leading up to the awards, though, are the usual "junk" awards in advance of the Academy Awards.

A few days ago, that guy in Chicago with no life, Mr. Skin, gave his annual Anatomy Awards. He gave a Lifetime Skinchievement Award to that frequently-naked movie actress Kate Winslet (right), who promptly announced she was going to quit doing nudity in movies. "I can't keep getting away with it," she says.

Tonight it's the Razzies, and these are always fun because it's a last chance to throw a shoe at a movie deserving of a final insult. Honestly, I hope The Love Guru gets the Razzie for Worst Picture, but it could even go to Disaster Movie or Meet the Spartans. 2008 may have been a big year for some great films, but it was also a really big year for utter junk.

Back with more soon.

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