Friday, January 16, 2009


This was a very big week in the world of TV and there was also some movie news to report, so I will do that in my special News from Nowhere about the entertainment industry.

First off, American Idol is back! Yes, the top show on American TV is back with a new judge, but with the same embarrassing singers. One of them sang in a bikini this week, which amused a lot of people.

Honestly, though, isn't this show on its last legs by now? In fact, all of reality TV ought to be on its last legs. People should be fed up with this "fake" reality when the "true" reality of what's happening in the USA is all too real.

Oh, and The Bachelor is also back on. Aren't people wise to that show by now? This show can't get a couple hitched to save its life. Who really thinks this show has any credibility left as a way to hook up and meet your dream woman??

Here in frozen Canada some new TV shows are on.

In the frozen USA we are one month away from the Feb 17th 2009 digital switch (as those of you who watch American broadcast TV no doubt know by now, since every local TV news show has been going nuts promoting it.) It could get delayed, though.

Movie news: the Sundance Film Festival is on. Read about it here, here and here. And here.
Also, my weekend box office picks as Hollywood threatens to go to the dogs, again.

The Watchmen lawsuit has been settled and the movie will be released, on time, by the WB. Presumably 20th Century Fox gets a chunk of change over this.

Ricardo Montalban is dead. Also: Patrick McGoohan is also dead.

Things could be looking up for Canada as far as luring US movie productions up here is concerned.

And here's the latest tactic in the continuing SAG saga of whether or not they will be going on strike.

That's it for right now. A reminder to myself to post something about the NFL playoffs soon.

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