Friday, January 30, 2009


Well, Canada's budget was brought down this week. Even though a lot of silly fools in the media were playing up how coy the new Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff was and how the fate of the government rested in his hands and so on, the fact is we all knew the Libs would come up with amendments or something so that they can wiggle their way out of that disasterous "coalition" they had going with the NDP and the Bloc Quebecois.

That's exactly what the Liberals did-- wiggle their way out. And now the coalition is dead.

All in all, the Liberals come out of this week looking a lot better than they have looked in a while. Ignatieff comes off looking like a responsible individual (as opposed to his inept predecessor Stephane Dion) and the Liberals are back to being themselves instead of power-hungry quasi-socialists. And the big loser this week is undoubtedly, unquestionably Jack Layton (pictured). This whole "coalition" was his great idea, and he would have stood to gain six cabinet ministers for his party in the whole deal. Now after eight weeks this "coalition", that undemocratic "government that never was", has fallen apart. Good.

Now Layton is back to being his usual self on the sidelines, and the NDP are buying TV ads to trash the Liberals for entering into their own "coalition" with the Conservatives. What baloney. Jack, you are a loser, and a sore loser at that.

So all is back to being well in Canuck politics. Unfortunately, thanks to the infamous "coalition" the Harper Tories had to embark on a wild spending spree to save their government. Now we Canadians are all holding the bag with a five-year budget deficit of $85 billion.

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