Sunday, January 25, 2009


Was watching the Red Carpet for the SAG Awards in between the NHL All-Star Game. I notice Angelina Jolie (pictured) and Brad Pitt were getting asked all kinds of dumb questions on the red carpet by people. You know, questions about their spouse and how much they love each other, and the usual questions about what they were wearing. Yada yada yada. Real riveting stuff that the world is dying to know. Meanwhile all the fans were waving all these magazines at them, trying to get their autographs.

You know -- after looking at that scene I don't think the ratings for the Oscars will go down this year at all. Not one bit. And the reason why is because you can bet Brad and Angie will be there, on the red carpet. And so will all these drooling entertainment "journalists", all of whom will continue their obsessive live continuing coverage of the state of the relationship. Not to mention, of course, the continuing coverage of the jealous rage of that woman spurned, Jennifer Aniston.

I'll bet these reporters on the red carpet don't even care what movies these folks were in! It truly is getting to be a joke, what passes for entertainment coverage in the United States.

Anyway -- the big question I still have is whether these folks at SAG are going to go on strike?! Make up your minds, folks, finally.



Don't expect much posting here because for the next three days I'm basically going to have no life. I'll try and link to my box office results column when it goes up, but that will be the only new stuff in store for you here, because I am going to be swamped. Don't worry, though. To quote Arnold Schwarzenegger: I'll be back.

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Anonymous said...

all these entertainment people probably haven't even seen the movies they are that lazy

the guys just drool over angelina ..the women only care about the fashion.

and when these big stars make movies that really suck ...the entertainment reporters don't mention it ..

somebody ask anne hathaway whey bride wars really sucks
and what she was thinking

celebrities have it way to easy