Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, the NFL playoffs have been absolutely unpredictable this year. All the big-name teams that everyone was talking about before the season - and through the season - are now out. Gone.

Some of the main contenders fell by the wayside before the playoffs even began, with New England and Dallas eliminated on the last day of the season. Then came the playoffs, and the upsets kept on coming, with the Philly Eagles winning on the road in Minnesota and Baltimore winning on the road in Miami. An 8-8 San Diego team that had to go on a winning streak just to get into the playoffs shocked Indianapolis in overtime to advance, and a highly-regarded Atlanta Falcons team fell to the Arizona Cardinals.

And then came last week's upsets: Arizona knocking off Carolina. Baltimore shocking the top-seeded Tennessee Titans in the AFC. Then the Eagles took down the biggest scalp of all when they knocked off the Super Bowl Champion Giants.

So here we have Arizona Cardinals at home versus the Philadelphia Eagles in a matchup no one could have predicted for the NFC title. Who would have thought that Arizona would be HOSTING the title game, let alone be in it? And Philly needed a miracle to happen just to get into the playoffs.

Meanwhile the AFC nod will be coming down to the matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh. I think it's fair to say the recession's hit these football gamblers in Las Vegas, because they're bound to have lost a lot of money predicting these playoffs.

What the heck is going to happen this weekend? If it holds to form we'll see road teams winning again, and we may see Philadelphia take on Baltimore in the Super Bowl in two weeks in Tampa. Or we could see Pittsburgh take on Philly-- in which case they might as well move the Super Bowl game to Pennsylvania. It would save people money in these hard economic times.

Speaking of which -- is anyone even going to be advertising in the big Super Bowl game? So many of them have flown the coop.

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