Sunday, January 04, 2009


Welcome to the first post at the CAIRNS BLOG for 2009, and if you were wondering where I was for the past few days, don't worry. I have just been relaxing and chilling (yes, it's freaking cold here) and have been in no mood to do much work -- or writing for that matter. Don't expect much for another couple of days either, as I have some late nights ahead of me.

On to the latest news.

Well, in addition to all the other troubles in the world, it appears World War III has broken out in the Middle East as Israel goes after Hamas. And I'm just getting annoyed at all this war nonsense going on. Get over your differences, folks, and let's all get on with solving all the rest of the problems facing the world.

And the Russians are acting increasingly like a bullying dictatorship, cutting off gas to the Ukraine. So yeah, 2009 has gotten off to a really great start.

In the United States, there has been lots of political news to talk about. The controversy rages on in Illinois over their arrogant governor Rod Blagojevich (right), who this week appointed Roland Burris to the Senate. (See, they appoint people to the US Senate, too.)

But everyone's mad that he appointed anyone at all because of the controversy surrounding his alleged activities in trying to sell off Illinois's Senate seat. Rod has so far refused all calls for his resignation, folks are refusing to seat his pick, and the Governor is facing likely impeachment in the state legislature. Talk about a gong show in Illinois.

Things are also not so rosy for Illinois's President of the United States, Barack Obama, whose nominee for commerce secretary Bill Richardson has withdrawn his name from nomination.

Meanwhile we still don't know if Caroline Kennedy will be appointed to fill the vacant New York Senate seat to be vacated by the likely Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In Minnesota the Senate race vote count and recounts are pretty much wrapped up and it looks like Al Franken will be certified as the winner -- leaving Norm Coleman to continue his fight for re-election in the courts.

Marley and Me won again at the box office and this week I had very little to say about it.

And Chicago hosted a pond hockey game.

Uh, that's it. Back to watching football for me.

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