Thursday, January 22, 2009


You know, I had thought that Canwest wasn't serious about potentially closing down TV stations like CHCH Hamilton and these other ones that are part of the E! chain across Canada.

But that's apparently exactly what these clowns are thinking about. Both Canwest and CTV are apparently plotting to go to the CRTC to give a big sob story about how these local stations in the smaller markets are losing money, so they are thinking of closing them down.

Apparently the A-Channel stations in places like Barrie and London might be some of the ones on the CTV hit list, according to that Globe article I just linked to. That boggles the mind because they just acquired those stations. They bought them, and now they want to close them down? That makes no sense.

Maybe what they are planning to do is just deliver a feed from Toronto or wherever. Which is a disgrace, because it would deprive people in these communities of local programming and local news. This news report can't be serious, can it? I hope not.

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